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Neuman Vong

WebSocket Radio Station!

Neuman will talk about how to broadcast audio from one browser to multiple other browsers using WebSockets. The gist of it is to send captured microphone audio to a server which relays it to a listening WebSocket connection, at the other end of which is a browser that plays the audio. The first task is media capture. There's a Google-backed project called WebRTC, whicm aims to allow local media devices, like the camera and microphone, to be accessed and manipulated with Javascript. But it hasn't made its way into browsers yet, so while it does that we can use Flash. The second task is transmission. This is where WebSockets get involved and transport the audio chunks over the wire. The third task is playback. HTML5 provides an <audio> element, but was not created with streaming in mind. Does WebRTC have an answer for this? What's available right now for the realtime media developer? What about compression codecs and codec negotiation, how does this streaming fit into all this? Come to the talk and find out! There may even be a demo…

Neuman is a Software Engineer at Twilio, where he works on Twilio Client which is an audio pipe from the browser to the telephone. He's originally from Melbourne, Australia and this will be his first time visiting Portland, which he only knows about from watching Portlandia. Let's keep him weirded out.

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