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Marak Squires is a full-featured i/o framework built in node.js. It's goal is to lower the entry barrier for building robust fault tolerant real-time applications that communicate with multiple sources of i/o across ANY device. consists of a small core which uses node.js libraries:, dnode, forever, nconf, and eventemitter2, and then dozens of support "Hook" libraries ( like twitter, irc, email, logger, webserver, logger, webhook, twilio, etc... ). It's designed from the ground up to be as user-friendly as possible, while still building on the very robust node.js ecosystem.
At Nodejitsu, we use in production for a variety of purposes, ranging from site monitoring to evented child process communications.
The format of the talk would be highly interactive, with live demos of several real-time services. Expect to see Marak live coding for complex real-time applications in front of the audience without fear. Audience members would be able to participate live in demos through various means of i/o such as: phone calls, sms text messages, emails, webpages, rss feeds, twitter, and irc.

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