Keeping it

Julien Genestoux

Making the Web Realtime

Websites can be realtime with the magic of technologies (like node.js, websockets and more!), but the web is bigger than any single website, and the web is not realtime today.

Open protocols like XMPP and PubSubHubbub help make the web itself realtime by federating data between different entities, structures and websites in realtime.

Julien Genestoux is the founder of Superfeedr fetches and parses RSS or Atom feeds on behalf of its users and then pushes the new entries into the feeds. It is now the leading realtime feed provider on the web and hosts the vast majority of PubSubHubbub hubs. Julien is a strong open web advocate and will push (pun intended) anyone to use standard protocols rather than custom made APIs. Before founding Superfeedr, Mr. Julien Genestoux created, the leading job board for students in France and was named by Business Week among the 15 top young European Entrepreneurs.

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