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Jens Alfke

_ch_ch_changes: CouchDB Notifications and Replications

Couchbase Server and Couchbase Mobile both share Apache CouchDB’s web-friendly REST APIs and reliable data synchronization. This makes it easy to build traditional web apps, mobile-hosted offline-capable HTML/JS apps, and native iOS and Android apps, all based on the same data and sync layer. Even better, all of these can tap into the CouchDB _changes feed to track real-time changes to the shared data model as they flow across the network and between distributed clients.

Jens Alfke is a Mobile Engineering Peer at Couchbase, Inc. where he’s developing Couchbase Mobile for iOS. He has a long history as a Mac developer and spent 15 years at Infinite Loop working on everything from AppleScript and Stickies to iChat and Safari RSS, followed by two years at Google and RockMelt extending the Chrome browser. He’s an avid proponent of decentralized social software, despite never having managed to release any. In his spare time he pretends to be a DJ, and cuts things out of plastic with lasers.

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