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James Halliday

The dNode Fandango

he trouble with data is that it doesn't DO anything. Data is cold, boring, and dead. But with dnode, you can enchant your data with dark sorcery as it passes between the land of the backends and the land of the browsers.

Instead of just passing boring old data around, in dnode you can pass functions around too, and they'll be called on whichever side defined them. Plus you can pass callbacks to your callbacks. It's callbacks all the way down!

dNode Fandango

POTENTIAL BONUS CONTENT: Bouncy is a super simple load balancer/http router that you can throw in front of your realtime app. It just works™ with websockets and other shiny new technologies. In this bonus feature I will demonstrate using bouncy to load-balance several dnode processes.

I'm a cofounder of Browserling. We just recently launched Testling which lets developers run javascript in all the browsers using curl one-liners. In Alaska I built underwater robots. These days I write a lot of javascript. Sometimes I draw comics. I blog at and my code lives at

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