Keeping it

Axel Kraten

Unleash the power of node.js and peer to peer by extending message brokers natively all the way to the browser over websockets

With html5 and web sockets, it is now possible to extend native protocols like STOMP, XMPP and AMQP all the way to the browser.

Messaging platforms like JMS and AMQP are ideal for building real time applications, and when extended to the browser via web sockets and Javascript, they become game changers for building scalable real time web applications.

In this talk, I will show you how to go from zero to sixty in a pure javascript world with a node.js back end messaging service running on a RabbitMQ broker, and manipulating a native AMQP stream over web sockets via Javascript in the browser.

We simply use a Kaazing gateway to relay TCP traffic over web sockets to fan out the broker all the way to millions of browsers simultaneously. Messaging brokers and TCP to websockets relay gateways can also be leveraged to implement peer to peer, browser to browser capabilities.

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